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The Phuket Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a fully licensed and registered charity foundation with the long term objective of reducing the stray dog and cat populations here in Phuket and helping to educate the local population in effective and humane animal management. 


PAWS is very well known in the local community here in Phuket as a fully licensed and recognised animal welfare charity on the island and is well equipped to deal with the stray dog and cat populations. All vets are registered and licensed with the Phuket Town Municipal Government and with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock.


At present, PAWS operations revolve around a fixed clinic with on-site, fully qualified veterinary surgeons and equipment and mobile clinics which can travel round the island, sterilise and care for animals in their locality. We operate all over Phuket island, as well as venturing north into Phang Nga province and conducting field clinics on a number of the outlying islands.


Our objectives are simple:

  • To manage, control and reduce the stray dog and cat populations here in Phuket and Thailand. 
  • Sterilise, vaccinate and treat all animals in need of care and attention. 
  • To promote awareness and provide education in effective animal management and animal care.


By working with members of the local community, PAWS has been able to identify areas where large populations of stray animals are located and using this targeted approach, dogs and cats can be sterilised, treated for any diseases and re-released back to their local area.


Education is also a huge part of our work and we make special efforts to introduce the concept of animal welfare and animal management practices to ensure to the longer term success of our programme.


Since 2004, PAWS has sterilised, vaccinated and treated tens of thousands of dogs and cats in Phuket and surrounding islands and areas.


It must be stressed however, that PAWS remains committed to providing quality service with a focus on animal welfare, rather than simply just generating numbers and our vets have received international training and backing from organisations such as WSPA and the RSPCA.


Support PAWS

PAWS is a non-profit self funding organisation that relies on the generous donations made by our kind supporters.


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